Friday, 15 June 2012

#7 Russ-T Wartrakk!

AAHH! It seems I forgot to post this when it got done, ah well, here it is now. The Russ-T Wartrakk got painted (quickly, simply and badly):


So there he is in all his glory, if you can call it that. 

I also made up a battlewagon from a land raider and GW battlewagon, it's pretty simple and should be perfect for transporting the boss and 'is nobs or the boss and 19 of 'is best choppa ladz into battle(I made this instead of making any progress on the boss-truck planned, not sure if that's still happening).
(This is where I'd put the pictures of it if it would upload them ....)

Watch this space! (actually don't ... blogger's messin' up and not uploading the other 3 photos ... technology is marvellous!)

Thanks for trying to make toes or feet of this,


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