Thursday, 31 May 2012

#6 Choppaz, Nobz and wagons!

Howdy again anyone and everyone! Still with no internet apart from using my dad's orange dongle internet sticky thang, should have that sorted in early june but at the moment updates are few and far between.

What has happened in the time since the last post: I've painted up 19 choppa ladz that have been waiting a loOoOoOng time for it, painted a mob of nobz that were waiting for it too, built and primed 'The Russ-T watrakk' and started to think about a trukk for my Mekboss and his nob retinue.

Here's pictures of the choppa boys, bad pictures to be exact:

Here's a shot of the Nobz together and 2 of them, including the custom-built / converted WAAAGH! banner bearer, photographed individually:

Here's the WIP shots of 'The Russ-T wartrakk' :

The Russ-T wartrakk, primed.

 A TL BS watrakk made from the hull of a Leman Russ, the engine from a warbuggy, the tracks from what I think was a Zoids toy or something and various other bits. The gunner sits inside a turret ring made from a back/top plate of a razorback / predator.  Some very thin plasticard was then curved into shape and glued to the inside to give the turret something to spin on. An Ork Trukk driver was used for the front and will be glued inside the front once painted(the gunner and turret are also seperate until painting is finished). The barrel on the back is from a Tamiya stowage set I picked up and the grill + skull on the front are from the Ork Trukk kit.

Last and possibly even least is the start of a trukk for the Mekboss.

  It's base is a marine rhino with the BW ram for a front, that grabbing claw arm will likely be getting a circular sawblade from the DeffDread kit to be a count-as wrekkin' ball. The idea with this trukk is to make it look the fanciest of the lot as nothing but the best is good enough for the boss. I plan to drill out and file the doors back so that is has two big open sides, making it look more open and armour 10-ish. It might get some oversized bulletholes to add to it's 'more fragile than a rhino' look. My current plan is also to add a rokkit-launcha turrent nexto the driver you can see in the picture. Maybe some rails to the roof aswell so the nobz can stand up there.

Wow, alot of text in this one, thanks for reading it if you did,


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