Monday, 30 April 2012

#2 Ork Trukks

So here's a trukk from my ork force that I made some time before the buggy in the previous post.

His chassis is from the Ork Trukk kit but using only two of the axles, the front windrscreen(frame) is made from plasticard whilst the bonnet/wheel arches are made from the turret brackets from a Land Raider. The engine is stock, whilst the front panel is plasticard with GW ork bits for details. The turret is made from a Deff Dread shoota and shoulderplate with a 'tank rida' ork used for the gunner.

Another shot of the trukk, with a couple o' the lads riding in it.

Next up is a trukk I'm working on at the moment, completely different to the first one, using the tracks from the rhino who kindly gave his hull for the warbuggy.

The first step in making this one was to file away the THICK layer of superglue that the original owner used to put it together. After that, and cleaning up the panels / areas in need on armour plating, I cut some trukkish-shaped bits of plasticard out and mocked up the kind of look I wanted. After a bit of filing / fitting / adding support to hold the tracks together I got the cab shell nearly completed. It's getting a load of armour plates, so shouldn't look so fragile next time you see it.

The sides started to get some armour plates and the roof got a nice little rokkit-turret. A hatch was kindly donated by the (badly made, not to even mention the painting) trukk this one will be replacing. I didn't want to add wheels to the front of this one but the more I look at it, it does look front-heavy and in need of some, so it'll probably end up with some.

If you got this far, thanks for looking,


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